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Solar Panel Maintenance & Repair

  • Free solar panel quotes
  • Solar battery installation
  • High-quality solar panels
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • After-sales support
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    Solar Panel Maintenance & Repair

    • Free solar panel quotes
    • Solar battery installation
    • High-quality solar panels
    • Reduce your energy bills
    • Comprehensive warranties
    • After-sales support
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    Our Maintenance and Repair Service


    Solar panel maintenance and repair are crucial aspects of ensuring the longevity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your solar panel system.

    At Skylar Solar, we take pride in offering professional services, tailored to home and business owners, to keep your solar panels functioning optimally and maintaining peak performance.


    Comprehensive Solar Panel Repair Services

    Solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions; however, occasional damage or wear is inevitable. Skylar Solar offers solar panel repair services, addressing issues such as faulty wiring, micro-cracks, loose connections, malfunctioning inverters, and even solar panel degradation.

    Our team of experts will swiftly diagnose and resolve any issues, minimising downtime and ensuring your solar system’s optimal performance. With Skylar Solar, you can rest assured that your solar power system is in capable hands.


    Our Certifications.

    Skylar Solar has you covered

    While solar panels are built for durability, there may come a time when replacement is necessary. Factors such as extensive physical damage, persistent underperformance, or reaching the end of the panel’s lifespan may warrant a replacement. At Skylar Solar, we provide high-quality replacement and professional solar panel installation to help you maintain an efficient solar power system. Our team will assess your system’s needs and recommend the best course of action to ensure continued performance.
    Skylar Solar caters to a diverse clientele, including home and business owners, offering tailored solar panel maintenance and repair solutions. We understand that each client’s needs are unique, and factors such as system size, location, and usage patterns may vary. As such, we strive to provide customised services that ensure the highest level of satisfaction and solar system performance, taking into account your individual circumstances and requirements.
    By choosing Skylar Solar, you can expect professional, reliable, and efficient solar panel maintenance and repair services. Our team of experienced technicians leverages their expertise and advanced tools to diagnose and resolve issues promptly. With Skylar Solar, you’ll benefit from our dedication to customer satisfaction, as well as our industry-leading knowledge and expertise in the solar panel and battery repair field.

    The Importance of Regular Solar Panel Maintenance.

    Regular solar panel maintenance is essential to maximise the efficiency and lifespan of your solar power system. By ensuring your solar panels are clean, free from debris, and functioning at their best, you can reap the benefits of lower energy bills, reduced carbon footprint, and a reliable power source for years to come. Moreover, regular maintenance allows for early detection and prevention of potential issues, saving you from costly repairs or system failures in the long run.

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    Very professional installation and customer service. I'd recommend.

    David Kettle
    June 14, 2023

    The team was professional and from the start kept us informed of all the critical steps. Took my request on board and cannot think of any issues.

    Sivendran Vettivetpillai
    September 14, 2023

    The team is very professional starting with Lewis from the sales side. We did get a matching equipment quote for easier comparison with Octopus Energy’s quote on Givenergy solar, then... read more

    Norbert Fordan
    November 23, 2023

    I was recommended to go with Skylar after a friend had used them for an installation. I got alternative quotes as well for comparison but the amount of flexibility... read more

    Ian Marchant
    November 14, 2023

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    If you require solar panel maintenance, repair, or replacement, do not hesitate to get in touch with Skylar Solar today. Our team of professionals are eager to assist you in maintaining an efficient and reliable solar power system, maximising your energy savings and reducing your environmental impact. Experience the difference that Skylar Solar’s commitment to excellence can make for your solar power investment.

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      Solar Maintenance and Repair - Faqs

      What Regular Maintenance Do Solar Panels Require?

      Regular maintenance for solar panels typically involves cleaning to remove dirt and debris, inspecting for physical damage, and checking the electrical system for any faults. This process ensures the panels operate efficiently and helps in identifying any issues early on, preventing more significant problems down the line.

      How Often Should Solar Panels Be Serviced and Inspected?

      It’s recommended to have solar panels serviced and inspected at least once a year. However, the frequency can vary depending on the environment and location. Areas with more dust, pollen, or harsh weather conditions might require more frequent maintenance checks.

      What Are Common Issues That Require Solar Panel Repair?

      Common issues that necessitate solar panel repair include micro-cracks in the panels, faulty or loose wiring, malfunctioning inverters, and degradation of the panels over time. These problems can affect the efficiency and output of your solar panel system and should be addressed promptly.

      Can Skylar Solar Handle Repairs for Solar Panels Not Installed by Your Company?

      Yes, Skylar Solar offers repair services for solar panel systems regardless of who originally installed them. Our team of experts is equipped to diagnose and fix issues in various types of solar panel systems, ensuring they return to optimal performance.